Valentine's Day or Nay?

I was contemplating whether to write a 'Valentine's Day' or a 'Pancake Day' post and frankly I should have opted for the latter. I'd definitely say I was more qualified to discuss *batter than relationships but I guess it's a little too late now. So here we go... Valentine's Day or Nay?

As much as I think Valentine's Day is a bit of a money spinning waste of time, I run the risk of sounding cynical and / or bitter so I best not say that. In all honesty the Big Day of V is probably quite a nice opportunity to show the people you care for that you love them. It's also possibly a great opportunity to waste dollar but hey, if you need an excuse to buy your special friend (or friends [plural] if you're that way inclined) a loving gift then by all means, head to the petrol station and make that hideously over-priced purchase. WHO'S JUDGIN'?

I know I sound like a 20-cats-in-a-one-bed-granny-annexe 65 year old bore, but I'm actually not. 

I love seeing all the love. It makes me happy. And, currently, I'm also happy not feeling that love towards anyone besides my mother. Genuinely. Because I am, you guessed it, single and proud. 

The Best Way to a Valentine's Yay

While it's here I like to make the most of the Valentine's Day specials in shops (rinse it for all it's worth); that of course includes severe quantities of chocolate and more severe quantities of red wine, but I actually meant clothes. Naturally. These are a few bits and pieces I've had my eye on and will potentially end up buying for myself once they go into the 'it's not Valentine's Day anymore' sale in a week or so:

Valentine's Day inspired attire:

Top: ASOS Dungarees: Urban Outfitters Trainers: Nike Make Up: Inika, Topshop & Charlotte Tilbury

So you see I'm not a massive Valentine's Day Scrooge - I make the most of a slightly 'unfitting' situation. I love love (as long as it's not offensively in my eyeballs) and I totally appreciate all the humans in the world making the most of this day with their most precious people. 

However, if you find yourself, like Bridget Jones and I, alone this Valentine's dawn, does that mean you deserve a bad time? 

No. No it doesn't. I searched far and wide to find a unromantic alternative to what is commonly the sickliest day of the year (apart from Easter in my household) but found very few realistic options. So I decided to compile an inspiring list of activities to cover your back if you too find yourself in the sweet little boat of lonely today.

Here's what I'll be doing this V day:

  1. Waking myself up with a morning kiss and a bunch of daffodils
  2. Buying a really lovely underwear set for me, myself and I. And by lovely I mean dead comfy and completely ugly
  3. Thinking about writing myself a card and then not doing that
  4. Calling my mum to check that she's having a great day and then forcing her to ask me to be her Valentine (because I've never been good at making the first move)
  5. Going to the gym to sweat away the tears (obviously a joke #BigGirlsDontCry #OrDoThey?)
  6. Obsessing over Valentino instead of a Valentine. Because I'm addicted. A weak point I've noted
  7. Pretending I'll genuinely meet someone off of Bumble in the knowledge that I'd never meet someone off of Bumble
  8. Watching all Bridget Jones'. I'll find the time
  9. Listening to my favourite playlist on Spotify. The Bridget Jones Soundtrack
  10. Going to bed at 9pm sharpish with a cup of luke warm water and a BIG PHAT BOOK OF FEMINISM

Now, that's what I call Valentine's Day. 

Well I feel I've successfully let you into my breakdown / slight-biological-clock-fuelled-panic-attack, so I guess I should leave it there. Let me know how you're spending your Valentine's Day - I'm sure it won't beat mine. 

*batter disclaimer: I don't make real batter for pancakes because I wouldn't know where to start. I do however use eggs, banana and oats to whip up these beauties and they're phenomenal. Told you I should have written about P-Day...