Sharing Is Caring

We live in a society where clothing is the norm and where style is freedom, a choice that we make for ourselves. It's subjective. I've always found the world of fashion fascinating, offering endless opportunities for expression and opinion while remaining a necessity.

For as long as I've loved blogging and writing, I've been too shy to share or publish any of my work. The industry can be daunting, pretentious and even intimidating at times, especially if you look in the wrong places. But it wasn't until Friday last week I realised this is such a backward-thinking mentality.

A lovely colleague of mine gave me a gift card for a womenswear designer just off of Oxford Street that she had no use for. For me, this was like Christmas had come 11 months early. I was embarrassingly excitable. But when I went into the store to spend a fairly hefty sum of money, I was shocked by the attitude of the sales assistants. One made a comment about an item "only" being X amount of pounds and seemed taken aback when I responded with "are you having a laugh?" as the item was near the same price as my monthly rent for a zone 1 flat in the centre of London. 

It made me really angry. And fairly sad. But mostly angry. 

We all know that fashion varies in price, from high street to designer to second hand to handmedowns, and I love clothes from all of these categories! But the assumption that I had X amount of money in the first place, followed by that instant sense of judgement when I didn't fork it out for a frankly ugly item seems so strange to me. There's no need for that kind of elitist culture and it's exactly that, I believe, that has encouraged the hugely impenetrable wall the fashion industry has built SO BLOODY HIGH. 

I don't claim to be a post-graduate level designer or seasoned pattern-maker, as these were opportunities that weren't easily accessible to me when I discovered my love for the industry. However, I do claim to have a care and a passion for clothing and [hopefully] an eye for styling and details too!

I've always loved researching upcoming, new and classic designers/retailers in the field. And I've probably spent more Saturday nights than I'd like to admit 'geeking' over the origin of Chinese silk embroidery and the exportation process that follows (ha). But all of this, albeit excessive, research feeds into my sense of style and the clothes I personally like to wear, and am finally ready to share.

So, as a late-comer to the party, my newest addition to 2018's resolution list is to write my opinions, my likes and my dislikes, my discoveries (and lack of) of my own fashion experiences. I truly believe fashion can and should be for anyone who wants it. It's just a series of individual choices, and these are the choices I want to share with people like you! 

Dress: Reclaimed Vintage Shoes: Topshop Bag: Oliver Bonas